10 Reasons To Bring Minimalism Into Your Own Life

The less unnecessary things you have at home and at work, the less distracted you’ll be and the less time you’ll spend taking care of them. Minimalism brings order and conciseness into your life without making things too complicated. Here are some few things that promote intentionality in a life of a minimalist.

1. Giving/donation: You can donate unnecessary clothes and other items you don’t need to charity or you can sell them in second-hand shops over the Internet. There are apps you can sell used products to those that need it.

2. Financial peace: If you are that kind of person who desire financial stability and want to be debt free, then it’s good to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Your consumption level will decrease and your overall living expenses will become more manageable. You can achieve a debt free life, save money and begin to enjoy a debt free life.

3. Gratitude: “Better than I deserve” meaning reflecting a heart of gratitude. Appreciate the things you own; focus on what you have and stop dwelling on what you don’t have. True happiness is found in being grateful with what we have.

4. Minimize your home and work space: Check through those cluttered space with clothes, gadget, cosmetics, and even tabs in your computer browser! If it is difficult for you to part with your favorite things because of sentimental attachment to them, try to put them in boxes or bags and hide them. If for one to two weeks you constantly remember the items and regret that you got rid of them, then safely return them to your space. But if there’s a 90% probability you will forget what was put in these boxes, it’s time to get rid of them for good.

5. Declutter your mind: Withdraw from any gossip, over time; you will see toxic people disappear from your life. Emotionally, owning less helps me focus on what truly matters to me and I am able to spend my energy on my dreams. True wealth is in your emotional state.

6. Organize your thoughts: Take responsibility for your thoughts, try to think in a positive way. Surround yourself with positive minded people who have similar goals.

7. Pursue your dream: you only have one life to live, why not get that project done. Concentrate on your goals and values; do not rush to keep up with everything going on in the world.

8. Simplify your life: Be intentional about every purchase and decisions. Give yourself time to think through things before you do it. This will help you to make a good decision you won’t regret.

9. True wealth: The less you live with – material goods, thoughts, friends, EVERYTHING – the more inherently valuable everything becomes, because now values have meaning.
Save and Invest: Savings from your decluttering process should not stay idle; it must be channel into

10. Investment: Removing excess possessions will give you extra savings on the things you buy. Instead of placing value in material things you can invest such money to make more money to secure your future and to touch lives in your community through charitable works.




Insecurity and lack of self confidence in our skin colour and hair has driven many black women into debt of wearing expensive wigs and weave to feel sophisticated and to feel good about who they are in a world that adores long straight hair with right smiles.  I’ve been there myself. The media and advert companies use women with fine straight hair on the cover of their beauty and skin products. This makes us feel like having that hard kinky hair is not a good look for sophistication.

In Nigeria, at a tender age, you see parents relax the hair of their 2 years old to make her hair look better and easy to maintain. Actually that was my case too, I followed my mum to the saloon to make hair and I find myself relaxing the hair every 2- 3 months with those chemicals that promises a soft straight hair but after few weeks you start having undergrowth and to you it’s not looking good so I go to the saloon to relax it again and the cycle continues. This is the stories of many African children today. We want to always do what others are doing; the social fever of us feeling among so that we won’t be laughed at by our peers or be called an SU or a deeper life member (group of people that attends deeperlife bible church) but as I grew up I had cases of cutting my hair and starting all over again. I also noticed that when I was on low cut my natural hair is so black and shining but by the time I relaxed it like 3 times the hair started turning brown.  At a point people advised me to use expensive relaxer kits for my hair so it won’t bleach out the color. All of these I did but really wasn’t worth it in end because all the chemicals bleached out the natural black colour and also weakens the hair.

Then I said to myself, I won’t relax my hair anymore, I’ll just take it as it was, after all there are wigs I can use to cover it up and other weaves and styles I can do and my natural hair wouldn’t show for people to see. Insecurity! that’s my tag for it. During my university days I don’t think my classmates saw my natural hair. When the hair I’m carrying looks old, I go to the saloon to loosen it and I’m back to my hostel with a new hairdo.

One cool night the weave I had on was giving me a serious headache I had to loosen it so that I could have a good sleep. The next day I had to go to the office without a wig since I wasn’t feeling comfortable with my hair, the hair was so full and it was difficult to comb out so I just use a band to hold it. On getting to my workplace I noticed all eyes were on me. I was looking strange to them because I have never carried my natural hair to work. But someone approached me and said this is the first time he was seeing my natural hair. At first I felt awkward but when he told me my hair is so black and beautiful I felt a little bit relaxed smiles!

That was my turning point, since then I began asking myself why I am ashamed of showing off my natural hair, because I will look different and unaccepted? Social acceptance

But that was when I started carrying my natural hair with grace and love. It wasn’t a very easy journey, I have heard people make comments like: ‘madam natural when are you going to make this your hair’ (they mean ‘when will I relax it’).

Most women think having a relaxed hair is more manageable, but it depends on your hair regimen and the products that work best for your kinky curly hair.

And at a point people thought going natural was just a trend and soon enough people will get tired of it, because they believe it‘s difficult to maintain and they see people with natural hair as ‘too religious’ especially here in Nigeria. But really, I think all black women should experience this in their lifetime… just let your hair grow out the way God created you. 

Natural kinky hair has it’s own beauty.

The next problem I experienced was that so many products started popping up for natural hair community, I saw one hair Vlogger adding so many disgusting things to her hair as conditioner, and in fact I have seen all sorts. That was when I thought to myself why are people doing this to their hair all because they want a long natural hair; it’s still the same trap of insecurity. What is wrong in maintaining a short healthy hair or allowing the hair to grow at its own pace? There are so many trends of DIY’s for natural hair and you can’t keep up or else you get frustrated with your curly hair.

Using minimal hair products is best for healthy hair growth. When having hair that is prone to dryness. 4c hair need to be moisturized weekly. But saturating our hair strands with different hair products will do more harm than good. Making styling and maintenance more complicated that it should be. The key to retaining healthy hair is to keep it simple.

1. Keep your styling simple.

Before you go shopping for hair products find a hairstyle that will work best for you. Remember our hair strands are fine and delicate. Therefore, too much manipulation, styling, and combing can eventually lead to breakage. If you are having a slow hair growth this is due to lack of hair retention (breakage). In this case, try low manipulation hairstyles such as updos, braids, twists, wash and go’s.

2. Stick with less hair products.

There is a saying less is more! it also apply to you kinky curly hair too. Find products that your hair loves and stick with it. For instance, find a shampoo that will keep your hair soft and moisturized then stick with it. Also, understand that fine hair strands do not like to be overpowered with products. This is why our hair becomes dry very quickly. Identify the particular oil that work for your hair to narrow down the products you use. A great example of women who have achieved long healthy hair by using minimal hair products  is the Quann twins Cipriana and her twin sister TK Wonder here.

The idea of minimalist “Less is More” has made me realize that it’s not only peculiar to maintain a clutter free space it’s all about living an intentional lifestyle which cuts across all aspects of my life including caring for my hair. So many people use thousands of products for their hair and I ask myself why? I have come to love my natural hair the way it is, I have a tough 4c kinky hair I can’t imagine putting chemicals back on my scalp in the bid to join the societal standard of the straight hair culture and I am happy my husband loves me with my natural hair, he loves the kinky curly naturalista. So, if your goal is to retain moisture within your hair strands keep your hair regimen and products simple. A simplified hair care regimen is the key to healthy hair growth.

How are you embracing your hair identity? Are you willing to maintain your natural hair with minimal hair products? Please drop a comment below.



4 Energy Saving Tips For Your Natural Hair – Minimalist Natural Hair Care

I am a wash and go person. I love the look of my natural curl pattern so much better, plus I’m not interested in spending even more time styling my hair. The second is that not spending hours on my hair makes me the happiest girl alive. I am a lazy person when it comes to taking care of my hair, especially when it comes to styling it… I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in this boat. I have seen some videos on YouTube about 7-8 hours wash daily, moisturize daily, style daily and other videos in that line…and honestly, I don’t think I’m up for that. All of these things are good but that’s if you have the time and you are not waking up as early as 4.am to rush to work and come back late in the night.

The go to hair these days is wig because people are too busy to take care of their hair, I imagine many ladies in the house can relate with this.  So as a minimalist I’ve been looking for shortcuts to take care of my hair and these hacks have helped me to save time on my hair routines. This regimen does not require too much time. I went through some natural hair communities and came up with these few steps to save energy and time.  We try out so many things and use so many products on our hair to achieve a full, healthy long natural hair, but we forget that it’s the simple things we do repeatedly that make us achieve success in the long run. “Rome they say, was not built in a day”.

4 Simple hair regimens:

1.            Regular washing of your hair – I part my hair into sections and use a sulfate free home made black soap shampoo. I wash my hair every two weeks to remove residual oil from my scalp.

2.           You need conditioners to soften your hair – you can use any leave- in conditioner on your hair until the hair gets soft, I basically use shea butter to de-tangle and condition my hair.

3.            You need to moisturize your hair – you can use olive oil, shea butter, castor oil etc to moisturize the hair after you have conditioned it to seal the hair. Your hair need to be moisturize at all times to avoid breakage and dry scalp.

4.            Please avoid touching your hair – less touching will help to improve the health of your hair.

The key to maintaining a healthy hair is to streamline the products you are using, stick to the one that works for you and stop buying all products you see online. The real question is, are those products really necessary? There are so many products out there and they are also expensive too.  The essence of save more own less is to make us live an intentional life in every aspect.

Self confidence is key, love your hair the way it is. Whether your hair is short or long, the basic thing is to maintain a healthy hair with less breakage which is very important.

Why Your Shopping Habits Are Uncontrollable

‘’The poor and middle -class work for money

The rich have money work for them – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Owning less possession has helped me to simplify my life and changed my perception on shopping. In my journey of being a minimalist, I have discovered one simple cause of impulse shopping; and it’s mostly lack of proper financial literacy. I want to take a different approach and deal with the root cause of compulsive shopping habit.

What do I mean by proper financial education? I have come to find out over the years that to be rich and wealthy is not being taught in the four walls of a school? We grew up to believe that if we want to be rich we need to be a doctor, lawyer, Engineer etc. (prestigious occupations) a poor and average parent in a Nigeria will struggle and hustle for their children to go to best schools and the best college so that they can get a good paying job.  Not having a good financial orientation from childhood has driven many youths to a wasteful life coupled with the standard set by the social media on wealth.

The fast paced society that we live in has a great influence on our consumption, shopping and spending habit especially the social media. We want to keep up with the lavish and luxurious lifestyle we see on Instagram and go with the flow. The feeling of ‘I don’t want to be left out’ or called #oldschool

The end goal of getting that good paying job is to start consuming to keep up with the wealthy and rich people we see on the social media. We Neglect the fact that the road to financial freedom requires discipline and dedication. The rich and wealthy men in our society that we aspire to be like made smart decisions with their money to be where they are today.

I have come to learn more about the mindset of wealthy people from various financial books such as ‘The Richest man in Babylon’ by George S. Clason and ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert T. Kiyosaki, Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu and other financial expert on savings budgeting and investment. I have come to understand why the rich get richer and the poor and middle class people keep struggling with money and still living a lavish lifestyle accumulating more debt because of no proper education on how to handle money. Savings and investment can help you build a secure and better future. Kiyosaki in his book explained that wealth is how long you can hold onto money for many generations to come.

The average income earner live a lavish lifestyle to feel good about themselves, and keep looking for a raise to keep accumulating more stuffs. #Fakeittomakeit

Think about this every time you buy something you don’t need, you enrich the owner of the product. Why not create an asset for your future by thinking smart and living an intentional life.

•             Every time you buy something you don’t really need you enrich someone else.

•             Consuming more stuffs to keep up with the trending lifestyle put you in financial debt, you keep running the rat race from pay check to pay check to meet up with liabilities (clothes, shoes, gadgets) consumptions that doesn’t add any value.

•             Minimalism will help you to declutter your life to channel your energy on things that are of value. Decluttering will also enable you to save more to reduce wasting your income on unnecessary consumptions.

•             Savings from your decluttering process should not stay idle; it must be channelled into investment. Removing excess possessions will give you extra savings on the things you buy but without a proper financial education it can drive you to shop more.

•             Minimalism help you to invest on assets (values) which overtime will pay for your expenses and running costs.

•             Financial stress can destroy your peace of mind, why buy that $300 worth of bag when you have nothing to put in it. Buy that $10 bag to have $290 you can use to invest for your future. Don’t go broke trying to look rich.  I am currently improving my own financial education thanks to my husband who opened my eyes to what financial freedom is all about because I was once a shopaholic.

What other financial books have you read on your journey to financial freedom. I would love to hear from you.



7 Ways to Deal With Discontentment – Minimalist Lifestyle

A grateful person is rich in contentment. An ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of endless discontentment – David A. Bednar

Abundant life is not in things, it’s in what we do to transform other people’s lives.

Materialism brings discontentment, jealousy and quest for happiness in the wrong things. Consumerism on the other hand leads to discontentment and it’s evident in our excesses. The media promises of happiness through materialistic consumption keep us in the web of wanting more.

A POOR MAN WHO IS DISCONTENT – will be robed of his peace of mind because he will be controlled by jealousy and envy of those that have what he wants, therefore he will live in debt, unhappy, stressed and frustrated.

A RICH MAN WHO IS DISCONTENT – will fill up his space with so many things to impress and oppress people. He will seek happiness in the money that he has to feel fulfilled. He is controlled by greed, debt, obsession and overworks to keep up with the Jones. (Emptiness)

Our society often measure success by what we own more than what we do to change lives. Consumption leads us further down a path of discontentment. Anyone that is discontent will never be satisfied and will keep chasing everything the society sells to them through the media. This is so unfortunate because such people will be stressed and frustrated even if they own the whole world; they will keep consuming things to make them happy and to fill that void of discontentment.


•             Discontentment exposes our insecurities, the feeling to belong, the feeling of not being enough to fit into the fast paced ever busy society that calls for us to keep consuming without getting satisfied.

•             Not enough clothes to feel good about our looks drive us to (shopping). Contentment in the way we look is crucial and important to our mental wellbeing. The way we think and speak say a lot about what is going on inside us. Our words create our reality.

•             Not enough money to buy (luxuries). In some people’s childhood poverty has push them to go overboard and spend unwisely to show the world that they can afford all they couldn’t while growing up, and it also drives them to do inconvenient things to make money at all cost. This makes some people to make poor financial decisions and live a wasteful life in the end.


1.            Contentment – Contentment comes from appreciating what we have and realizing it is enough. The longest study on this topic finds that becoming less materialistic leads to more contentment in life.

2.            Gratitude – Gratitude opens our eyes to embrace minimalism by teaching us to appreciate what we have and who we are. It helps us to slow down and recognize that what we already have is enough. Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

3.            Build Confidence –minimalist lifestyle promotes individuality, finding meaning and value in this consumerist society. Focusing on what you truly value will help you to build your confidence in the pursuit of happiness.

4.            Less focus on material possessions – Resist the urge to keep consuming to fill up the void inside. Money can’t buy happiness, but placing less value on the things it can buy may improve your mental health. We need constant reminder that happiness is not in the things we posses but in us. When we cling onto material possessions, we create stress because we are always afraid of losing these things. Losing your attachment to these things will ultimately create peace in your life.

5.            Prioritize what is important – create space in your life by decluttering things that are not of value in your life. When you declutter your life, happiness naturally comes because your focus will be on values and not empty promises from the clutters in your home.

6.            Build meaningful relationships – Believe me, our memories are not in the things we buy, they are simply formed from the quality time we spend with loved ones, which we carry in our mind and in pictures and videos where they can be captured. Build your passion, develop yourself, and help people around you and in your community. It is important to find some like-minded folks who want to join you in shifting away from materialism.

7.            Positive mindset – Insecurity breeds discontentment no matter the social or economic class you belong. Having a positive mindset gives you an optimistic outlook on everything and can lead you to greater achievements when you don’t have negativity weighing you down. The way you look at the world matters and it also build your personality.

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. I want you to drop a comment below on how you are dealing with discontentment in your journey to living a simple life. I would love to hear from you.

Love Mofeyi

14 Money Saving Tips – Save Money Like A Minimalist

Pay yourself first

 Don’t wait till you spend almost all of your income before you save, if possible you can put it on auto save to form a saving habit e.g. money saving apps etc

Look for investment opportunities

 Let your money work for you, read books or watch channels on investment. One thing I have come to learn over the years about savings and investment, one is better than the other. The money saved in bank barely yield interest. But if you invest $26 in a period of one year, the money would have increased or perhaps doubled if the money is used for short terms investment over the period of one year.

Downsize your living space.

You can choose a smaller space. It will help you to save money and save you stress in cleaning and also save energy. Having a bigger space will make you buy more stuff to fill up the space which in turns makes you spend more.

Choose quality over quantity

Especially for clothing, you don’t need to buy a popular or expensive brand, go for quality, durable and comfortable wears that will last you for a longer time.

Spend intentionally

Make sure you think through a purchase before you buy it. You can sleep over it for few days to know if it’s something you really need or something you can get a replacement for in your home, or rather it’s something you can do without. You need to be disciplined in spending.

Living in a cheaper area

This is easy to pay and maintain the rent and save for something better. In Lagos where I live I stay in a location where the rent is cheaper and affordable based on our budget. This will enable us save money off the rent to pursue our long term goal. The rent is easy to pay and won’t stress our income.

Wait for prices to drop

For those that love tech especially phones – if you want to buy a new phone you can wait for a few months after the phone hits the market for the price to drop before making a purchase.

Sell or converts those clutters to cash

Sell off items in your home that are not bringing you value – so many people have items in their homes that are underutilized and taking up space in the home. These items can be sold to other people that need such item.

Cook your meal

Cook your own meal it saves you more money than eating out. It will help you avoid the temptation of eating out. I have come to understand that cooking your own meals is more hygienic and saves you a lot of money than eating out at restaurants or buka (local restaurant).

Sales and Discounts Purchase

Watch out for sales to save money on purchase – sometimes if you have some listed items to buy and they are kind of expensive at the moment you can wait for sales periods to purchase such items. All the black Friday slash sales can be a great opportunity to buy those listed items and save money.

Save from your subscriptions

Save money on your cable Tv and other subscriptions – our cable Tv subscription take a whole lot of money from our purse reason being that someone like me when I was still single and staying alone I subscribe for a package and I barely watch 3 channels in a month, coupled with the fact that electricity is in short supply in Nigeria and sometimes in a whole week there might be power shortage so I said to myself why am I wasting money on this high subscription? So I stepped it down to a lower subscription that have the basic channels that I regularly watch to save money. Some parents do higher subscription for them to watch their favourite channel but their children are the ones that watch more of Tv and its mostly cartoons, why not step it down and stop wasting money on subscription. This is a good way to save cost on cable Tv.

Compare prices before making a purchase – This is a very important way to save money.

Generic/brand products

Go for generic products rather than brand – most popular brands sell name and they are mostly expensive. You can check out other similar products and you will be surprised they will serve you better.

Circle of Friends can determine your savings habit

Surround yourself with people with similar goals. Don’t surround yourself with people that spend on unnecessarily things.

I am not a financial expert but this has helped me in my journey as a minimalist. I can recommend some financial books on how to be smart with our finance on request in the comment section.

What other ways can we save money from our daily expenses, I would love to hear from you please comment below.

Love, mofeyi.


I was good in organizing my space; every space is filled up with stuffs. Though neatly organized and well arranged but it became an “organized mess” why because by the time am looking for something I end up lifting and carrying out some stuff to pick what I need; but I found out that I was constantly arranging and it became overwhelming to maintain.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

But now it’s no longer overwhelming in fact I feel very much at peace looking at my space and it took me some time to achieve this. The following steps guide me in maintaining a clutter free space.


You have to visualize and believe you can own less and have a clutter free space. It starts from the mind. If not the whole process will be defeated before it even starts and it will be a roller coaster journey and exhausting.


You need to desire for a change and see it as a long term goal to achieve starting off with a step at a time. change cannot happen overnight, you can start from the living room or your kitchen and keep moving till you touch every cluttered space.


Many people buy stuffs to impress their friends or rather oppress them. That’s the world we find ourselves today. We need to motivate ourselves to live a different life and not based on the opinions of others. “Don’t spend what you don’t have” I have been a victim of this myself. It’s exhausting. Note this “you only need to consume what you can afford’ which translate to your space. That is “your space should only have what you need”.


Let your space dictate what it needs not the other way round. Instead of wishing you have a bigger space, or a bigger closet space, why not figure out what the space requires. It’s called Contentment.


Make sure everything you have has a place to stay. Don’t just allow things to lie around the house.


Have a consistent cleaning habit e.g. choose a day to clean your space and maintain it. I clean on Saturdays because am busy during the week and it takes me less than 40 minutes to do my cleaning.


Let it become a lifestyle as you live. What I mean is make it a daily habit for instance you don’t have to wait till your wardrobe is filled up before you go through it, start decluttering as required. For instance I might wear a shirt or dress and it’s too tight and can’t be loosed out or the cloth is worn out it’s either I donate it if it’s still in good shape or trash it. I have a box I labeled give away or trash. This helps me to maintain a clutter free space.


Don’t buy everything you see. I use to feel guilty when a colleague brings stuffs to my desk to buy I feel obligated to buy it just to patronize the person. But most times I end up buying things I don’t need adding more stuffs to my space and at the end I will start wishing I didn’t purchase the item. We need to break such habit of impulse or guilt buying.  Stop buying things to feel good about yourself (emotional buying).


Check through those paper clutters. Another thing that causes clutters can be books, cards, letters , wedding programmes, burial programmes , magazines etc. let’s try and go paperless I was helping my mum to de-clutter her library we discovered so many wedding programmes and other invites from many years back stocked up in a pile with so much dirt. You can discard what you don’t need or give some books to bless the life of others.

What are your biggest struggles when it comes to decluttering your space? Please share with me in the comment section I would love to hear from you.

Love Mofeyi.

Money Spending Mistakes – Minimalist Saving Tips

One problem we encounter with money mostly begin when we land a big job or a good paying job. We like to upgrade our lifestyle. #Ihavearrived #dresstokill #letmeoppressthem
Interestingly enough when I was single, I was spending most the income I was making. So my thought was that I need to make more money. But something strange happened when my income increased. Again, I was spending it all. How could this be possible? Indeed it was though, and I realized that I had given myself permission to spend more money and always find excuses on why this was important.

It was only when I turned to minimalism that I understood that my expenses were not only unnecessary but also time wasting with no meaning. So, by applying minimalist lifestyle principles, I was seeing more money left in my account and in addition I was experiencing a more debt free life. The important benefit of adopting a minimal lifestyle on your expenses, is not being cheap as many say; it is literally owning less stuffs.

We get caught up in the daily grind of life that make us think we need more than what we have all the time. For instance, there was a time I thought of buying a food processor, meanwhile I have two blenders in my kitchen, why do I want to buy a food processor? It’s all because I saw an advertisement on YouTube from a food vlog. The lady explained all the benefits we can get from buying a food processor so it got me thinking that maybe I needed to buy a food processor too. But thinking about it made me realize that why do I need a food processor when it does the work of a blender.

I am sure some people can relate with me on this, most times the media wants us to see the need of buying more and more stuff into our home, they make us believe that we need it. Some of us even if we don’t have the money to buy it right away, we would save towards buying it to add more gadgets to what we have at home. This is how stuffs get packed up in our home and some will end up in our storage place if we don’t eventually see the need to use it.

But, at the end of the day if we are perfectly happy and content with what we have and use it to the fullest, then that’s all that matters. I think it’s easy to lose focus of this sometimes which is why we need to be intentional in our spending. Let us see the value of what we are buying. Let’s not buy things because we ‘want it’ let us buy because we ‘need it’.

What is the opportunity cost of consumption?
Let’s take for instance the food processor I want to buy – the question is “what if I buy this item” do I “need it” or do I just “want it”?
Second question is – where will it go?, do I even have space to keep it? Then I don’t need to buy it, more so, I have two blenders that can do the work a processor can do. (Everything we buy takes a little bit of freedom from us). If we keep in check our lifestyle we will find out that in 5-7 years to come, we will be able to live a life of financial security.

But one problem we have is that we like defending and deceiving ourselves as #iloveshopping, what is bad in getting more? I deserve to treat myself big. But really – we deserve not to be in debt. We deserve not to live from hand-to-mouth. Social media is pressurizing us to #keepupwiththekardershians #keepupwiththejones. But if we are not mindful, we will get carried away to keep up keeping up smiles. Those Otedola, Dangote, Adenuga that we aspire to be like, they made smart decisions with their money. There are so many pressures out there calling our attention.

#pressure from social media

#pressure from friends

#pressure of fitting in

#pressure of I don’t have enough

#pressure from self

#pressure from adverts to consume what they are offering, convincing us to buy those extra things to make us feel good about ourselves.

Some will say if I don’t have the asoebi (Family cloth, usually worn during, wedding, funerals or family ceremonies) I can’t go to that event, If i don’t have a new dress i am not going to church, I can’t feel different from others, says who? This same aso-ebi will make them buy shoe and bag to match. “New consumption often lead to further consumption’s”.

We put ourselves on unnecessary pressures to own possessions that don’t add value to us. Pressure of accumulating debt to own things. There is this Yoruba saying “eni ti o ba je gbese, Ko le ni nkan” meaning “if you don’t have debt you can’t own anything”, this is the saying they use to console themselves to keep buying and accumulating stuffs in short, the society is encouraging debt to own possessions to fit in.

One of the most important aspects of being a minimalist is that I have come to learn how to stop wasting money on unnecessary things. We need to make sacrifices to come out of debt and to spend less than we make. Money answereth all things right and money makes life easier in a lot of ways. One of the best things about being a minimalist is that after a while you realize how little money you actually need to be safe, comfortable, and happy.

Minimalism does not mean that you stop spending money, but it means that you spend it on things that add value to your life and your focus changes from making money to enjoying life.

See you in the next blog on Minimalist Saving Tips. Make sure to never miss a post – follow me on mofeyi.wordpress.com.

The New Reality – Coronavirus

The pandemic ravaging all over the world has brought a new reality for people in this fast paced society. In the past two months human activities came to a halt in a world that is characterized with busyness. Most people’s jobs define their lives. The car they own, the houses, bank account etc..

I was watching a documentary of the enormity of natural disasters in some part of Europe, properties and possessions were destroyed in a twinkle of an eye, even lives were lost. This got me thinking, when we care so much about our possession and go after things that we won’t go with when we die. The past two months was an eye opener for people around the world.

 The pandemic forcefully gave people the rest they deserved in years. Because most people work round the clock without taking time to take care of their health and to attend to people that matter most in their lives. 

In Lagos Nigeria where I live, the city does not sleep, because people are always on the go to meet their daily needs. We have 70% of Lagosians who live from hand to mouth. The hustling city that wakes by 4am so that you can beat the traffic to get to work early enough to avoid sub charge for coming late to work. We work from Monday till weekend, most people barely have the time to follow their passions or slow down to take care of their health.Unfortunately what made some people successful have also made them miserable. We keep working to keep up with trends and to ‘feel among’ and fit in with the consumerist culture.

A poll was conducted amongst vox reader to know what changes they will make or maintain after the lockdown. The highest response was to reduce “consumerism”. Many stated that they want to spend less money shopping for new goods like gadget and clothes.

This shows that happiness is not found in the things that we own, most of our consumer behavior is rooted in instant gratification and after that we want, more and more.

The lockdown also opened our eyes to see the problems around us. Hunger was the new pandemic for the poor in the society. Why spend money on unnecessary wants when you can do good in this world and affect lives of people in your neighborhood and community. In fact, the money we waste for self gratification in the name of shopping or acquiring stuffs, we indirectly end up to be a clutter in our space. Some people have so many stuffs in their home that they don’t even know exist. Why use hard earned money to acquire things we really don’t need to please people we don’t like. Unfortunately, that’s what our society and media is selling to us. 

Our new reality after the lockdown brings me to these focal points for the future. How do we change our mindset and liberate ourselves from consuming all we can without taking thought for what is to come in the nearest future. As a minimalist who loves to pursue a simple life of owning less to save more we need to look at these four things that will drive us into the simple and happy life we crave for.

Finance – save more to invest, secure your future and to impact lives

Home – remove distractions in your home by owning fewer possessions

Mindset – what are the things that matter most in your life?

Life – valuing relationships

Why don’t we slow down and take a thought to the value we are adding to our lives and to others around us. When we leave this world someday what do you want to be remembered for. How many lives have you impacted? We don’t necessarily need to have millions in our account before we can impact lives around us. How well have we taken time to look after our health, to pursue our passion before we exit from this world? 

What is your reality?

What are the things you need to change and maintain as time goes on? You can drop your reply in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

Love Mofeyi

Embracing a Simple Lifestyle – Minimalism

So what is minimalism? It simply means owning fewer possessions. This might sound crazy to some people. Am sure questions like why should I own few things in my home? People will think am poor or broke. Being a minimalist will stop me from buying all the things I need or want. Some other questions like I can’t do but shop and buy things. How will I cope with few possessions in my home?

I was faced with all of this questions myself. The thought of reducing the things I own giving out things I don’t need in my space etc. But the simple answers is minimalism is me living intentionally with the things I really need – those items that support my purpose. Cutting down on excess possessions so that I can focus on things that matter most.

The basic thing about minimalism is being INTENTIONAL.

INTENTION simply cuts across

  • How to keep my space clutter free,
  • How do I spend money?
  • What do I spend my money on?
  • Do I have a saving habit?
  • How do I de-clutter my space?
  • How do I spend my time?
  • How do I manage stress?

All of this are marked by clarity, purpose and value as a result it forces us to improve in all aspects of our life. Minimalism is more like self-introspection on our values and passion.


The media, Advert companies and our society has portray to us that the good life is found in purchasing and accumulating possessions. They have made us to believe that happiness is found in supermarkets, clothing stores, electronic stores, social media, flowing with trends. Happiness is put in such a defining way “such as if you don’t buy that trending shoe, bag or gadget you won’t be happy because you will feel left out”’

Says who? If you don’t follow trend that doesn’t make you a lesser human being…. Does it?

No wonder the world is running at a fast pace. We are too rushed, too stressed and too hurried. We work long hours to pay bills but fall deeper into debt year in year out, but true our relationships elude us. In the last two months of lockdown in various countries of the world. I am certain we could see how important our health and relationship is one valuable possession we fail to acknowledge.

Becoming a minimalist help us to slow down to take a self-introspection of what is valuable to us. It frees us from modern hysteria to live a fast paced life. It help us to see the essential things in our life. It open our eyes to see the Values in our life.

We live in a world that idolizes celebrities whose lives are held up as a golden standard envied by many. Yet behind closed doors are they fulfilled or happy with their lifestyle.  While the whole world is running and chasing after fame and glamour minimalism invite you into a small, quiet and fulfilled life that add values to the society. Why have a mansion when you can live comfortable with all you need in a smaller space which is easy to maintain and manage. Why own all that stuffs occupying space and gathering dusts and dirty. You take time and energy to clean and maintain. Why have that garage full with stuffs you haven’t even open to check in the past few years when you can give them out to the needy in your community. Why own so many clothes that 70% of those clothing’s haven’t been worn in years but you keep buying more to fill up your closet. Why following all trends to make you feel a sense of belonging in the world and you still feel empty and lonely at the end of the day. Why looking for happiness in stores and shops and at the end you keep buying things to fill that void and your space is becoming cluttered with too many possessions.

Minimalism invites us to take a deep breath slow down, consume less and enjoy more at the end you will notice that we were only chasing after the wrong things.

MINIMALISM IS NOT JUST EXTERNAL IT’S ALSO INTERNAL. I have learnt over the past one year of my journey as a minimalist that embracing this lifestyle is inside out. You have to self-introspect and make a life changing decision. After the external clutter has been removed, we create the space to address the deepest heart issues that impact our relationships and life.

See you in the next post. If you need more guidance on how to become a minimalist you can send in your questions and comments. I will be glad to answer all your questions.

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